Various dishes from the Riverdale kitchen.

Gurnard Provençale

Gurnard on a bed of cavolo nero colcannon with a Provençale sauce.

Mexican style meatloaf

Mexican style meatloaf with pistachios and peppers.

Mixed salad

Mixed salad.

Chicken in a mustard sauce.

Chicken with fried apple and parsnip shavings with a cider mustard sauce.

Prawn Puri.

Prawn Puri.

Stifatho and Greek salad.

Stifatho on a bed of rice with a Greek salad on the side.


Tapas; from top clockwise, garlic prawns, skewered chorizo and tortilla, patatas bravos, morcilla with butterbeans.

Haddock fillet with vegetables.

Haddock fillets with baby potatoes steamed in butter, green beans and tomato & red pepper salsa.

Nachos Pie.

Nachos Pie.

Shepherds Pie and buttered cabbage.

Shepherds Pie with buttered Hispi cabbage.

Pork steak with vegetables and a cider mustard sauce.

Kassler style pork chop with crushed potatoes, green beans and carrots with a cider mustard sauce.

Tomato with mozarella and Parma ham.

Jack Hawkins tomato grilled with mozarella & oregano and dressed with Parma ham, parmesan and basil.

Smoked goose breast with two different reb cabbages.

Smoked goose breast with Delia's red cabbage and red cabbage marmalade, baked potato with butter.

Brill with chinese vegetables and pak choi in soy sauce.

Brill baked with Chinese style vegetables and pak choi in soy sauce.

Hereford sirloin steak with a mushroom sauce.

Hereford sirloin steak with a mushroom sauce served with potatoes steamed in butter and purple sprouting broccoli.

Sea bass Provencale.

Baked Sea Bass and potatoes with a Provençale sauce.

Italian style pork fillet.

Italian style pork fillet on a bed of Helda beans with parmesan potatoes.