White's restaurant at Broom House

Broom House Lane,
Egton Bridge,
North Yorkshire,
YO21 1XD.
T: 01947 895279
E: mw@broom-house.co.uk W: www.egton-bridge.co.uk (link opens in a new page)

Entry is across a coarse stone drive and path with a small threshold into premises. Ladies and Gents WC are on the level, I didn't see a dedicated disabled access WC.

There was no-one to meet us on arrival, both FoH staff were serving out of sight of the reception area and took a couple of minutes to come to us and seat us. When I asked about ingredients of various dishes one dish was advised by waiting staff as wheatfree but had croutons in it and another supposedly wheatfree dish was served up on a slice of toast. But the problems were resolved, the dish replaced and comped and service was pleasantly attentive although large amounts of clearing up an otherwise empty dining room were done whilst we were still eating.

The restaurant is genteel and subdued. A modern (in the way that adverts for American showhomes in the '50s & '60s were modern) take to a plain rectangular room was well done but I found it slightly soulless. Muzak, slightly more suitable to the surroundings (Ella Fitzerald and the like) was a little too loud, but we were very close to the machine.


A superb ham hock terrine was accompanied by a good red onion compote, the Ceasar salad was very good, interestingly served in a parmesan bowl that wasn't quite crisp enough and the chicken didn't appear to be smoked.

A chicken roulade of thin slices of breast meat stuffed with a finely minced chicken stuffing with a tomato and mushroom sauce was good but not quite as good as the salmon fillet with a lime flavoured creme fraiche sauce. The new potatoes were excellent but the vegetables very over-cooked, and old, especially the string beans.

The blackcurrant cheesecake was poor and the 5 local cheese board, actually only 3 with two of them doubled up, was adequate. Imported apples, despite a note in the menu to say that local produce was used wherever possible (new season local Discovery were available), was supplied on request.

An excellent Lirac accompanied and an expresso coffee to finish was also good.

Presentation was generally good both on the plate and on the table with good linen napkins, decent cutlery, crockery and glassware.

The whole, for two people, less 1 comped main course due to initial serving not being wheatfree, came to just over 50. A good wine wasn't over-marked up.

I was very disappointed with the service which was maybe a little unfair but the problem with not recognising the wheatfree requirement might have been disastrous. They pretty much hit every target they aim for and provide a good quality meal at a reasonable price in pleasant surroundings for people who are looking for a quiet, civilised, meal together.