In the mid 1960s my parents and I moved to Cheriton Fitzpaine whilst my step-father studied at St. Lukes College in Exeter. We lived in The Old Police House and my mother taught in the village school.

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The following are a selection of photos and comments from those times.

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School group 1964.

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Here is the smithy at the bottom of what is now Barton Close.

From the left: Frank Butt, blacksmith/ farrier, in the cart his son Jimmy and me, at the shafts of the cart, my step-father, Barty Hotchkiss.

Outside the smithy.

Looking towards the church with Barton Close on the right.

The farm at the top, on the right, was where the Webbers, (Anthony, Sally & their parents) lived.

Animals were an important part of life in the village.

From the hunt meeting outside the Ring of Bells with the landlord, Tom Adams, passing round the stirrup cup. I am informed that, sadly, Tom died in 2011.

I am indebted to Gerald and Margaret Dadd for identifying the Silverton Hunt, Huntsman Fred Tucker and Whipper-in Jane.

The man in the raincoat may be Percy Smith.
'He used to walk down from Stockleigh English to the Ring of Bells almost every evening for his pint of bitter. He was a nice but sadly lonely and decrepit old man.
He would nurse his pint and happily accept a drink if any one offered. Similarly he would willingly accept a lift back up to Stockleigh if anyone was going that way, or I am sure Tom Adams would drive him home if all else failed. I suppose he must occasionally have walked back alone but only on warm summer evenings.'
(Quote from Barty Hotchkiss)

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To young livestock arriving in the worst of conditions.

New lambs at Pool Barton with (from left) Carol Hartnell, Audrey Hotchkiss, Sally Webber and Eleanor Hartnell.

Sports ...

There was a cricket team, not always thriving as I, a less than teenage lad, occasionally stood in when they were short handed

'This was the village cricket field up at Farmer Baker's Hayne Farm just about the only reasonably flat field within ten miles. You can see Farmer Baker of Hayne Farm seated far left. Seated in front of the pavilion wearing a white hat is Jimmy Wreeford occasional umpire. I think the chap in white flannels wearing a panama is Dr. Don McKenzie'. (identifications from Barty Hotchkiss)

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... and the Arts.

This was a production of GB Shaw's Arms and the Man presented in the village hall.

Barty Hotchkiss, my step-father, is seated, with the moustache and my mother, Audrey Hotchkiss is on the far right.

'From left; Bill Drake church warden and local farmer, Ron Castle's wife I forget her name for the moment, Ann Folland farmer's daughter and dental nurse, Maurice Blight young farmer, I forget the names of the others.' (Quote from Barty Hotchkiss)

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One could never be sure what one might find in the street.

Be it visitors ...

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... or sheep.

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Mr Breyley, the saddler, outside his shop, with his daughter's horse, Madam.
I still have a leather dice cup that he made.

'I still use to this day the gun belt he made for me on one of our holidays and it is as good today as when it was made in the early 70’s.' (Quote from Bert's son-in-law Gerald Dagg)

'I've still got the satchels he used to make me, each one a little larger than the last to accommodate my burgeoning books as the years went by.' (Quote from Bert's grand-daughter, Liz)

Pollard lime trees outside the church.

From Carol Miller (née Webber) I remember passing these each time we went to the rectory lawn to practice for sports day at Shobrooke

The bridge over the Holly Water on the road to Stockleigh English

My step-father, me and one of our miniature German Schnauzers.

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Cheriton Fitzpaine was ideally placed to explore the rest of Devon.

Here I am with my mother and one of our dogs.

'The Dartmoor picture is taken on the East Dart just below Cut Hill. The intention was to walk to Cut Hill. We didn't make it.' (Quote from Barty Hotchkiss)

If anyone can help with identifying anyone in the pictures, or has any memories of those days please contact me at the email address below.

I no longer have the originals from which these pictures have been taken but I do have larger digital copies (between 2 - 6 Mb). As you can see the colour slides are particularly poor quality and I have touched up some to remove scatches etc. but if anyone would like an unretouched copy please contact me at