Anthony 'Brian' Hingley

  • He was born in the early 1930's, the only child of Horace and Fay, and lived in Cradley Heath in the Black Country west of Birmingham, UK.
  • He went to Quarry Bank grammar school in nearby Brierley Hill.
  • He was invalided out of his national service with pneumonia caught from the fellow in the neighbouring bunk.
  • In the early fifties he attended teacher training college in Bognor Regis where he met my mother; Audrey Haines.
  • In the mid fifties, both having qualified and found work as teachers, they married and went to live in a caravan at Hawley Manor near Dartford in Kent.
  • In 1956 they moved to Church Cottages in Swanley, soon to become 'Old Swanley' or 'Swanley Village' to differentiate it from Swanley Junction.
  • In the late fifties he taught at Royal Park School in Sidcup, Kent. Some of the pupils who were there at that time remember him, their comments are noted below.
  • In 1959 or 1960, in Dulwich, whilst on his way home from the school in Battersea where he was teaching, he was knocked off his motorcycle and killed by a hit-and-run driver.
  • Below are some pictures of him.
My father in his 20s

I remember very little about my father, those who I have met who knew him had nothing but good to say about him, but that is often the way when time clouds memories.

I know he was close to a girl in Cradley Heath who my Mother saw off when she decided that Brian was her man.

I do remember that he could lift me up and bump me on the ceiling. That, when I was scared during a thunderstorm, he carried me out into the weather to show me that there was nothing to fear. I've never been scared of a storm since.

I know that he loved rugby, going to see England play in the Five Nations (as it was then) at Twickenham.

Thanks go to Annabelle Harle for information about him.

Here are some of the comments sent me by pupils of Royal Park School:

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With much help I have created a family tree for my father's antecedents, it can be found Here.