• Angela is the daughter of Alf Bell and sister of Brenda and Christine.
  • She was born in 1955 and spent her early life in Southend where her father managed a department store.
  • She went to a convent school in Surrey.
  • After her mother died her father courted my mother; Audrey Hingley, later Audrey Hotchkiss, who was herself widowed. Before they could be married Alf died and Angela then aged about seven years old and Christine, who was a teenager, came to live with my mother and I in Swanley, Kent.
  • As the Bell's were Roman Catholic it wasn't considered suitable for the girls to be brought up by a single C of E mother so they left us to live with an aunt.
  • After finishing her schooling, Angela went to Switzerland where she worked in the hotel industry. There she met her husband-to-be whose name was Vincent.
  • Not long before she married she visited my mother and I in Swanley, this would have been some time between 1973 and 1980; this was the last time I saw her but I believe she corresponded with my mother after this.
  • Below are some pictures of her and members of my family.
Angela Bell in 1961